Yasiin Bey Confirms He Is NOT Returning As “Mos Def”




Throughout the month of August, Yasiin Bey has been making headlines ever since he challenged the hip-hop community to a rap battle along with Black Thought and King Los. Since we know that’s not happening, fans were hype when they began hearing new music from Bey, including a new song with artwork that read “Mos Def & Ski Beatz.” Instead of a memorable reunion, Bey is speaking out against the track and says it was released without his permission. Find out the story after the jump.

Yasiin Bey has confirmed that he has not returned as Mos Def. Recently, a collaboration between Bey and producer Ski Beatz surfaced called “Sensei On The Block” with the single artwork saying “Mos Def.” According to OkayPlayer, Bey is condemning the single and claims it was released illegally. He also confirmed that he’s is not going by his former alias.

“Whatever reports that you have heard that I am returning to the name ‘Mos Def’ are false, and any music that’s been released under that name, recently, is without my consent,” Bey said. “It’s being sold illegally. Don’t support it.”

Bey’s statement comes after several media outlets reported that the “Mathematics” MC would be using his popular moniker. Now that Yasiin has cleared the air, everyone has adjusted their headlines and the hype for a real Mos Def & Ski Beatz reunion has died down… for now.

Watch Yasiin Bey’s official statement below.

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