49er Ray McDonald Arrested For Alleged Domestic Violence on His Pregnant Fiancee!




San Francisco 49er Defensive Lineman Ray McDonald was arrested on allegations of felony domestic violence.

Police arrived at McDonald’s home at 2:48 a.m. where a party was being held in honor of his birthday. He turns 30 on Tuesday.

According to the Sacramento Bee, McDonald apparently was involved in an altercation with his fiancee, whom a police source said is 10 weeks pregnant.  When she showed police bruising on her neck and arms, McDonald was arrested without incident.

McDonald was also busted on the same street Aldon Smith wrecked during a DUI.  It’s certainly been a rough year for the 49ers.

McDonald’s arrest comes less than a week after the NFL instituted a new policy cracking down on domestic violence. That policy comes with a six-game suspension for the first offense and the second will be an indefinite ban with the chance to apply for reinstatement after a year, with “no assurance that the petition will be granted.”  The new policy has a huge grey area however and will be handled on a case to case basis.  Things however don’t look good for McDonald with the victim showing bruises and there being numerous witnesses since it was a party.  Several of McDonald’s teammates were also in attendance.

Sunday’s arrest was not a first for McDonald, in 2010 he was arrested for an outstanding warrant stemming from a DUI arrest that year.

I’m sure more details are soon to come.

Shay Marie

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