Daughter of NBA Champ, Scottie Pippen, Arrested Again!


The daughter of retired NBA Champion, Scottie Pippen, was arrested again over the weekend for violating a hotel lobby and leaving the scene. What exactly did she do? Click more to read the full story!

The 20 year old Sierra Pippen, a student at the University of Iowa, was arrested on Sunday after she was seen urinating in a hotel lobby–yeah, the lobby–and then left the scene. The first question that popped up in my mind was, well how did she get caught? Get this, this happens to be the second time in less than a month that Pippen was arrested for a disturbance at the same location.

Back on April 10th, Sierra Pippen was arrested after she got into an argument with Sheraton Hotel security while being drunk. Ironically, Sunday’s incident seems to have been caused by Pippen being under the influence again. Damn, at some point you have to learn to hold your liquor or at least be of legal age! After the most recent incident though, Pippen was charged with public intoxication and public urination but was released early Sunday morning after posting $500 bail.

According to the Daily News, Pippen refused to partake in the field sobriety tests as well as the breathalyzer after being arrested. At which point, it is said that she then went back and forth with officers, accusing them of being racist! I can’t say that it looks too good for Sierra since this is the second incident in less than a month where she ended up in police custody.

Source: Daily News

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