Denver Broncos’ Jason Hunter Stabbed By Girlfriend


Another day, another NFL player stabbed by his girlfriend.

Former defensive end for the Detroit Lions, Jason Hunter, was treated this morning at the Detroit Receiving Hospital after he was stabbed by his 23-year-old girlfriend. Jason is currently under contract with the Denver Broncos, the same team that was under controversy about domestic violence accusations regarding their former player Brandon Marshall, who underwent surgery last Friday after being stabbed by his wife of one year.

Jason is not giving any details about the altercation, refusing to say where and why the stabbing occurred, or how the injury may affect his career. His girlfriend, however, was arrested and charged with felonious assault, but because Jason doesn’t want to press charges, she won’t be arraigned.

The Broncos released a short-and-sweet statement, saying:

“Our thoughts are with Jason, and we are hopeful he makes a quick recovery. Out of respect for his privacy, we will not have additional comment on the matter at this time.”

Hmmm, ever since the lock out, NFL players have been getting into personal drama left and right. Some may want to consider investing in plasticware. Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos executives are walking around in their Florida Evans voices screaming, “Damn! Damn! Daaaamn!”


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