Floyd Mayweather Will Make $120 Million, Pacquiao Will Make $80 Million, But There Is More


The money that is going to be made for this historical fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is going to be CRAZY! The contract was negotiated 60-40 in favor of Floyd, which was expected, but that is still a ton of guaranteed money for Pacquiao was well. Floyd will take home $120 million, while Pacman will take home $80 million. However that isn’t the end of the money. That is just for the fight itself, there is still money to be made.


The overall number the fight is expected to pass is $400 million dollars, which blows away the previous record. While both fighers have their guaranteed purse written into the contract, both men will benefit from pay per view numbers as well, with Floyd taking the bigger cut of that as well.

The money is just going to be outrageous and its more than the fighters living off that. The MGM Grand announced last night that the hotel sold out in less than 15 minutes for May 2nd after Floyd posted the contract.

The betting money on this fight will also likely break records.

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