Giants Told Rashad Jennings Not To Score In Final Minutes Against Cowboys





If you’re like me then you have a million and one questions as to why this call was made and if it is even true. However, Rashad Jennings himself said the call was made and he was told not to take the ball into the end zone. Apparently, somewhere along the lines, the Giants lost track of the amount timeouts that the Cowboys had and ultimately decided that it would be a safer option to go ahead and kick a field goal. SMH.

If you were up watching the game, you were probably wondering why Eli did not take more shots at the end zone but after this development, it makes perfect sense now. Jennings avoided going into the end zone in order to attempt to take more time off the clock–which proved to be ineffective.

Not surprisingly, however, head coach Tom Coughlin denies making a call to have Jennings avoid the end zone and says that Eli was more than likely confused about the number of time outs. Sheesh coach, go ahead and blame your quarter back. LOL!


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