Marshawn Lynch Signs New Contract With Seahawks Which Includes Huge Raise



After the Super Bowl, rumors surfaced that Lynch was contemplating retirement, but both Carroll and Seahawks general manager John Schneider said at the time they didn’t believe it.

Nicknamed “Beast Mode,” Lynch totaled a career-high 17 touchdowns last season, including 13 rushing. He rushed for 1,306 yards in the regular season and added another 318 yards in three postseason games. Lynch had 102 yards rushing and a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Still, even with the new deal, the team somewhat expects him to possibly retire after next season and they even built a clause into the deal that allows the team to try and go after him for $5 million dollars if he does so. Most experts believe that they either wouldn’t actually pursue it or just flat out wouldn’t win in court.

The retirement question was a real possibility for now after we heard how Lynch felt about not getting the ball on the Hawks’ final play of the Super Bowl. He said he felt there may have been other reasons he didn’t get it which sounded like a strained relationship in Seattle. At least for now, things seem to be fine. Money has a way of making that happen.


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