NFL: Charity Kickball Brings Out Panthers Cam Newton & Current QB Jimmy Clausen Together


Jimmy Clausen and No. 1 overall draft pick Cam Newton can’t both be the Carolina Panthers’ starting quarterback. And they both can’t wear jersey No. 2 — the number Clausen wore last season and Newton wore leading Auburn to the BCS national title.

They did, however, share a common cause on Saturday, according to the Charlotte Observer: Both took part in a charity kickball game organized by Panthers left tackle Jordan Gross to raise money to fight cystic fibrosis.

Newton had not come to Charlotte prepared to take part in athletic competition. But he played an inning at third base, while wearing khakis, dress shoes and a T-shirt, according to the report.

He also answered some questions from fans before leaving the fundraiser to catch a flight.

Asked how he throws a football so far, he said: “Wheaties and milk,” according to the report.

And how many Super Bowls does he expect to win with the Panthers?

“Let’s just say a lot,” he said, the newspaper reported.

Meanwhile, Clausen, who welcomed Newton to Charlotte with a private text message and a Twitter posting, isn’t ready to hand over his No. 2 uniform number to his newest teammate.

Asked whether he’s set an asking price for Newton to acquire the number, Clausen smiled and said “We’ll see what happens,” according to the report.

Clausen had a difficult introduction to the NFL last season, throwing nine interceptions and only three touchdowns and finishing with the league’s lowest passer rating. It hasn’t gotten much easier: Clausen’s player agent, Gary Wichard, died of cancer in March. And his coach, Ron Rivera, has announced Newton will have a chance to compete for the starting job.

But Clausen said he has been told he will also have a chance to win the position.

“That’s all I can ask for is a chance to compete. It’s going to be fun working with Cam and just competing each and every day,” Clausen said, according to the report.

“If they feel [Newton] is the best fit for the organization and the team to help the team, I’m looking forward to competing with him,” Clausen added, according to the report. “He’s a teammate of ours now, so you’ve got to embrace him and bring him in like anyone else.”


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