NFL: Falcons RB Jason Snelling Arrested & Tried to Eat Weed Before the Cops Found It

NFL: DEC 27 Bills at Falcons

Snelling was pulled over at 3:35 am on Friday after his black Lincoln Navigator was swerving and unable to stay in it’s lane.


Here’s the details of the arrest according to Bleacher Report:


When an officer from the Winder Police Department approached after initiating the traffic stop, there was “a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.”


From the police report:


I asked Mr. Snelling if there was any other marijuana in the vehicle, and he told me that there was a grinder in the center console of the vehicle and that it had a little bit of marijuana left in it… I searched the vehicle and located a metal grinder where Mr. Snelling had said it was.


Another officer who was talking to Snelling at the time noticed that the 29-year-old was swallowing while he was being questioned. When the officer requested Snelling to open his mouth, several leafy particles were visible, but he denied eating any of the marijuana.


At 4:20 a.m. ET, Snelling was placed under arrest and taken to the Barrow County Detention Center, where he has made bond, according to another report by the Barrow Journal’s Chris Bridges.


In addition to possessing less than an ounce of marijuana, the other offenses Snellingwas charged with included possession of drug-related materials, failure to maintain lane, failure to maintain insurance, improper use of dealer license plate, no registration and expired or no driver’s license.


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