RG III’s Teammates Happy About Decision To Start Cousins!





One thing is for when it comes to the Washington organization and that is that everyone is not on the same page. RG III considers himself to the best QB in the league but with the decision that was made today, it looks like everyone does not agree. RG III’s best season to date was definitely his rookie season and unfortunately he has since been plagued by injuries and as a result, Washington has been on the decline.

Giving RG III the benefit of the doubt, Cousins has not particularly proved to be a significant raise in talent–when looking at team results on paper. Cousins has somewhat been the primary option since last year and Washington went 4-12 on the season–just a win higher than the previous year. However, many players feel that the change was best for the team. SHEESH.

According to TMZ, some players chose to speak anonymously and agree that Kirk Cousins is definitely a better option than RG III. “We’re relieved. This is good for the team,” one player said about the change and another was way more forward saying, “We have a better chance of winning than Robert Griffin. Sometimes teams need a change and we obviously did.”

Although no one was afraid to hold back, outside from their name being used, it seems that the respect is still there for RG III. At this point, though, I think RG III still could be a starting QB in the league and on top of that, Washington is paying this guy A LOT of money. Seems like a waste if you ask me. Maybe they should just do him and themselves a favor?



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