The Pacquiao-Mayweather PPV Price To Be $110!



ladies & gents, there is a $10 difference between the two TV definition views, with$99.99 for SD (standard) & $109.99 for HD (hi-def)!


This is assuming of course the fight actually gets done.

It will almost impossible to get a ticket for the fight at the MGM Grand Arena (rumor is the cheapest ticket will be $1k, so the reseller tickets will be going even higher than that), so most will watch at home on PPV.

It won’t come cheap.

No one buys standard definition PPV anymore do they? The PPV would be expected to get over three million PPV buys shattering the record held by Oscar De La Hoya and Mayweather (2.4 million buys). That price point for De La Hoya & Mayweather was $59.99 for HD, so they are looking to double the price point while increasing the buys.

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