Warren Sapp Fired From NFL Network




Warren Sapp had become an analyst for NFL Network in 2008. Following his early Monday morning arrest, he was suspended indefinitely without pay from NFL Network. The spokesperson later announced that he will no longer be working for the network. Sapp was originally still going to keep his job pending what happened as result of the cops’ investigation.

Sapp has been an analyst with the network since 2008. Upon contact from SI this afternoon, an NFL Network spokesperson initially offered, “Warren Sapp has been suspended indefinitely without pay from NFL Network pending the outcome of ongoing police investigation.” The spokesperson later confirmed to SI that Sapp no longer worked for the network.

Sapp is the second athlete-turned-sports announcer to be arrested for soliciting a prostitute in the past month. Greg Anthony, the CBS and Turner sports broadcaster, was arrested Jan. 16 in Washington. He was indefinitely suspended by CBS.

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