Warren Sapp Strikes A Deal To Buy His Stuff Back

Former pro NFL-er  Warren Sapp may have a chance to get some of his repossessed belongings back!


Earlier this year, the broke football legend nearly lost it all in a bankruptcy case.  After claiming that he was MILLIONS of dollars in debt, Sapp filed for Chapter 7 and was forced to hand over all of his possessions to a trustee.  The trustee was then told to sell the items to pay off Sapp’s creditors.


But now, according to new legal docs filed in the bankruptcy case, Sapp has made a deal which allows him to BUY BACK most of his old items from the trustee.  These items include, furniture, jewelry, miscellaneous items in storage…and the rights to his, still “missing”, 2002 Super Bowl ring.


The catch is, Sapp has to get a judge to sign off on the deal…and come up with $69,284.58 in one lump sum.


Unfortunately for Sapp, his massive Air Jordan collection was NOT on the list of things he was eligible to buy back.  Those shoes, estimated to be worth $50K, are already set to be sold.


[Source: TMZ]



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