Q-Tip Says Tribe Documentary Producers Are Trying To Screw Them [VIDEO]

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Members of A Tribe Called Quest appeared on MTV yesterday to address their issues with the upcoming documentary about the group, produced by actor Michael Rapaport. The group’s frontman, Q-Tip read an email from the production team that Tip says shows that they were out to screw the group financially.


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“First off, let’s close the Billing Block and put it on the poster so they can’t get on that,” read the email. “Then we’ll f— them on everything else,”

Q-Tip has been very vocal about his problems with the way things are being handled in regards to the documentary, commenting very candidly in interviews and on Twitter.

“That’s premeditated, first. And second, you feel comfortable to say it to the rest of your team,” Q-Tip told MTV. That means that if the environment is conducive for you to have that kind of banter and that kind of language, God knows what else they’ve been saying amongst themselves. So how can we trust them?”

Looks like Q-Tip forgot Industry Rule #4050, movie industry people are shiftyyyyyyyyy…

…And by the way, wasn’t Nas involved with the production of this movie?  #JustSayin


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