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Angela Simmons Strips Down For PETA

      Angela Simmons has posed for nude for PETA. To promote her vegetarian lifestyle, she used only an apple and vines as her props for the Adam & Eve-inspired photo shoot. Declaring that “Eating Meat Is A Sin,” she’s following in the footsteps of several celebs including Taraji P. Henson and Chad Ochocinco, […]

Is Angela Simmons the Biggest Slut in Hollywood?

According to online reports, Rev. Run’s daughter, Angela Simmons, spent a passionate night in the sack with Heisman trophy winner Cam Newton last night. A disheveled and exhausted looking Newton shooed away the paparazzi when they spotted him getting into a waiting car outside Angela’s 4-star hotel in New York this morning. The 23-year-old Simmons […]