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Stacey Dash Comes Out In Support Of Mitt Romney

Stacey Dash has her opinion and she’s entitled to it! No matter how detrimental to society it may be… The “Clueless” actress announced via Twitter, yesterday, her support for Republican presidential candidate–Mitt Romney. “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future,” tweeted Dash. She later retweeted this message from Romney’s account: “Women have had enough […]

LisaRaye & Creator Stacy A. LittleJohn Addresses ‘Stacey Dash Fired From Single Ladies’ Rumors

    Is Stacey Dash returning to ‘Single Ladies’ or what? Who’s going to bring that fierceness to Val’s fabulous character like my girl Stacey, if she doesn’t end up being a part of Season 2?   According to numerous websites, ‘In Touch Weekly’ allegedly reported that Stacey Dash was fired from the show and […]

GIRLFIGHT: Stacey Dash vs. LisaRaye

  “Single Ladies” star Stacey Dash wants LisaRaye to catch a beatdown…Sources are saying that the 45-year-οld ex-Clueless star went off on castmate LisaRaye McCoy and no one knows why.  Thе source adds that everyone οn set was stunned, because McCoy, 44, apparently dіd nothing tο provoke this behavior. “It was an intimate dinner party […]